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Detail Engineering

Detail Engineering

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We provide detail engineering solutions for a wide range of applications, from basic equipment to turn-key plants include full automation. Our detail engineering includes:

• Client Approved Plot Plan based on real equipment sizes
• ApprovedLayout Plans and Relevant Loads
• Anchorage and waste water channel plans
• Final MassBalance
• Final Equipment List with all technical details
• Final PFDs (Process Flow Diagrams)
• All process and mechanical equipment with descriptions
• Pipe and process flows required to run the process
• Final P&IDs based on confirmed key equipment suppliers
• All pipelines and valves with size and line number
• All equipment and machines with descriptions
• Signaling indicators
• Process instruments
• 3D piping layout
• Isometrics
• Electrical documents
• Consumption list
• All MCC panel diagrams to be supplied by Çemsan
• Arrangements of MCC panels (as they work on the layout)
• Wiring diagrams (as worked on the layout)
• Drawings of energy and signal cables (section information, as they work on the layout)
• Technical passport for each equipment
• Quality control analysis manual
• Operation & maintenance manual for each equipment and unit

Detail Engineering

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