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Modified Starch
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Modified Starch

Starch is hydrolyzed by enzymatic method and acid method to generate glucose, maltose and oligosaccharide. According to the degree of hydrolysis Chengdu (DE), it can be divided into low inversion syrup, medium inversion syrup, high inversion syrup and ultra-high inversion syrup. According to the different types of saccharification enzymes used, it can be divided into DE syrup, glucose syrup and maltose syrup
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A.General Description


Modified starch is processed by physicalchemical or biological methods, introdcing new functional groups on starch molecules or changing starch molecular size and starch granual properties , thereby changing the natural characteristic of starch and making it more suitable for modified starch with certain application requirements.


Modified starch have a widely use :

Food industry: used in flour products, baked goods, quick-frozen food, etc., as thickener, water retention agent and emulsifier, etc., modified starch can give full play to its ability in water absorption and expansion, significantly improve the water content of baked goods, improve the overall taste of food.


Textile industry: modified starch is used in the textile light yarn sizing process, and the textile industry has carried out special research on modified starch in the process of development in combination with its own industry production needs and characteristics.


Environmental protection industry: as a modified starch adsorbent, it not only reduces the cost of adsorbent, but also significantly improves the greenness of sewage adsorption and filtration treatment.


B.Development Prospective


We provide a full set of services from design (process, civil, electrical), manufacturing, installation, commissioning to after-sales service; accurate 3D design, constructing 3D solid model, showing every detail of the project intuitively, accurately ; advanced automatic control system, ensuring the automatic and smooth operation of the entire production line.


We have a professional team and 30 years of experienceable to provide you best quality service and solutions !



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C. Process Flow 


(1) Pre-gelatinization reaction: The refined starch is sent to the buffer tank to obtain qualified DS and pH values, and then sent to the reaction tank. This reaction is a key process in the production of modified starch. According to the requirements of the reaction, add some chemicals into the measuring starch milk and heat it to a suitable temperature (40-50℃), usually to make the starch and chemicals react. In order to control a certain reaction temperature, it is necessary to cool the reactants. The reaction time is generally 3-24 hours according to different needs. After the reaction was completed, the reaction was stopped by adjusting the pH value.


(2) Washing: It is necessary to wash the reactants, because some chemical substances that are not fully reacted and some harmful impurities produced in the reaction. Different products should adopt different cleaning techniques and equipment. Usually, cyclone or screen cleaning is necessary, and 4-6 steps of washing are required to obtain qualified modified starch.


(3) Dehydration: The good modified starch after washing needs to be dehydrated to obtain a qualified moisture content in the starch milk. This task requires centrifuge equipment.


(4) Drying and packing: Modified starch is dried by air dryer. According to the particle size requirements of the product, the unqualified coarse starch in the drying system should be broken into qualified starch. After Z the product cannot be packaged until the product meets the demand. Then manually or mechanically pack into 25kg/bag.



D. Business Scope


we have very successful experience in below popular products in international market,


1)  corn/wheat/cassava starch

2)  glucose

3)  fructose

4)  maltodextrin

5)  sugar alcohol, (sorbitol, mannitol, maltitol, also erythritol ...)

6)  crystalline dextrose, DMH(dextrose monohydrate), DAH(dextrose anhydrous)

7)  ethanol and DDGS production

8)  patent technology of food grade rice protein, and rice starch

9)  modified starch

10)  Lysine and Citric Acid etc


Regarding our recent project references, there are below major projects that can be for your references.


1.  200tpd corn wet milling starch production line - Pakistan

2.  60tpd rice glucose and rice protein workshop - Pakistan

3.  250tpd corn wet milling starch production, glucose, and modified starch production line - Pakistan

4.  50,000tpy corn starch workshop - Brazil

5.  60tpd maltodextrin workshop - Brazil

6.  20,000tpy citric acid workshop - Brazil

7.  Sorbito workshop upgrade (built by Novasep initially) - Vietnam

8.  F55 and citric acid workshop design - Russia

9.  20,000tpy SPI production line (pilot) - Russia

10. 120tpd sorbitol plant -India



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Modified Starch
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