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Liquid Glucose
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Liquid Glucose

Starch is hydrolyzed by enzymatic method and acid method to generate glucose, maltose and oligosaccharide. According to the degree of hydrolysis (DE), it can be divided into low inversion syrup, medium inversion syrup, high inversion syrup and ultra-high inversion syrup. According to the different types of saccharification enzymes used, it can be divided into low DE syrup, glucose syrup and maltose syrup
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Maltose syrup

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Maltose syrup

Hard candy : Maltose syrup has high viscosity and anti-crystallization. It is used in the production of hard candy, which can make the candy not easy to close and sand, and prolong the shelf life. For hard candy, the lighter the color of the hard candy, the more transparent the candy, and the more transparent the candy, the higher-grade. Maltose syrup has good heat resistance and high boiling temperature, which can make the produced candy light in color and good in transparency. And because of the characteristics of low hygroscopicity, excellent water retention and good fluidity of maltose syrup, it can keep the appropriate moisture of the candy, prevent the water from escaping, avoid the candy being too hard, and also prevent the candy from absorbing a lot of water and making the candy too soft, so it is widely used in the candy industry. The application of maltose syrup is better than glucose syrup .

Biscuits : The low hygroscopicity and high moisture retention of maltose syrup are suitable for the production of biscuits, especially crisp biscuits. The content of maltose plays a decisive role in the quality of biscuits. The most widely used is high maltose syrup, because high maltose syrup can make the product taste crisp, fragrant, crisp and sweet, and it is not easy to absorb moisture and moisture, and prolong the shelf life.

Beer : Maltose syrup has a good fermentation function, and the sweetness is low and the taste is mellow. The maltose syrup used as a beer brewing auxiliary material simplifies the production process, increases production capacity, reduces production costs, and improves the stability of beer flavor and preservation. sex.

Rice wine : Due to the low monosaccharide content of maltose syrup and low osmotic pressure in aqueous solution, it will not increase the inhibitory effect on yeast during the fermentation process of rice wine production.

Starch syrup has many advantages in food production and is widely used in the food industry. The above is just a list of the corresponding food categories that are mainly applied according to the characteristics of several syrups. It does not mean that these syrups are only It can be applied in the fields listed above. In actual production, the production process, production cost and product quality requirements should be comprehensively considered, and several syrups and sucrose may be required to be used together. According to the properties of different syrups and the influence of key parameters of syrup, such as reducing sugar content, disaccharide content, polysaccharide content, etc. on the quality of the finished product, select the appropriate syrup variety and ratio to meet the production requirements.

glucose syrup

Glucose syrup is mainly used in the food industry, accounting for 95% of the total consumption. Glucose syrup is widely used in candy production because its sweetness is only 0.4-0.5 times that of sucrose, the sweetness is mild, and it gives candy a pleasant sweetness, special flavor and anti-crystallization.

The hygroscopicity of glucose is smaller than that of sucrose. It can be used in candy to prevent the candy from absorbing moisture and closing, which is beneficial to the preservation of the candy, and the glucose syrup contains dextrin, which can increase the toughness and strength of the candy, make the candy not easy to break, and dilute the candy. sweetness.

Because glucose syrup contains high glucose, the endothermic heat of glucose dissolution is the highest in general sugar products. Therefore, when we eat sugar, glucose will absorb more heat in the process of dissolving in saliva, which will make people's mouth Feel a cooling sensation, resulting in a more pleasant experience, is a new type of low-intensity sweetener.





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Liquid Glucose
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