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The production process of high fructose syrup includes the steps of liquefaction, saccharification and isomerization of starch . One decolorization, one high sub-exchange→finished product evaporation→F42 fructose syrup.

First, the starch milk is liquefied into a liquefied solution with a DE value of 15% to 20% under the action of a-amylase. The liquefied solution is adjusted to pH and temperature, and saccharification enzyme is added for saccharification. After the saccharification is completed, the DE value is 96. % ~ 98%, and then filter out some insolubles, such as lipids, proteins, etc., and then treat with activated carbon and ion exchange resin to become purified glucose solution. After being purified, the glucose liquid can be isomerized through a reactor equipped with immobilized isomerase to obtain fructose syrup with a fructose content of about 42%. This syrup is then filtered and separated by activated carbon, and then adjusted to pH and concentrated to a concentration of 71% to obtain 42% fructose syrup.
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high fructose syrup

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 Fructose is mainly used as a sweetener in food, and fructose is widely used in the production of food, medicine and health care products. Some developed countries basically use fructose instead of sucrose in candy and beverages. There is also the production of fructose injection. The use of fructose injection abroad is about ten years earlier than that in China. As a new generation of high-energy nutritional infusion that does not depend on insulin, fructose injection is very active in the world pharmaceutical market. In some countries, it has become the only The second largest injection after glucose. Fructose Vc tablets are nutritional products with fructose and vitamin C as the main components, and vitamins A, D, E, and trace elements can also be added as needed. The effect of fructose Vc tablets is the same as that of glucose Vc tablets. Vc can be used for people with low immunity, colds, and often inflamed and bleeding gums.


People who have aging skin, dark yellow, pigmentation spots, sunburn, and want to whiten their skin. Medicinal excipients: medicinal syrup, glucose in the sugar coating of the tablet can be replaced by crystalline fructose, suitable for diabetics, chronic liver disease patients, etc. Hangover products: adding fructose to hangover products can exert various effects of fructose. Fructose is rapidly absorbed and metabolized, which can make up for alcoholic hypoglycemia in time. Fructose has a short metabolic process, low energy consumption, and no lactic acid production. It can still be metabolized under the condition of liver hypoxia, and the liver burden is light. Fructose can promote the decomposition of alcohol in the body, inhibit protein consumption, and reduce the residence time of the most toxic intermediate product, acetaldehyde.


Fructose can also reduce the hypoxic damage of alcohol to hepatocytes, reduce the death of hypoxic hepatocytes, and restore the metabolic capacity of hepatocytes in time after the elimination of hypoxia. In short, fructose's anti-alcoholic effect is mainly in protecting the liver, maintaining normal blood sugar levels and so on.

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