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Liquefaction and saccharification experimental device
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Liquefaction and saccharification experimental device

Natural evaporation: that is, the solution evaporates at a temperature lower than the boiling point, such as seawater drying salt. In this case, because the solvent only evaporates on the surface of the solution, the solvent evaporation rate is low.
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Saccharification, which refers to the process of decomposing starch into sweet products by adding water, is the main process in the manufacturing process of starch sugar products, and it is also the main process of many intermediate products in the process of food fermentation. The methods of saccharification, depending on the sweetness of the required product and the corresponding physical and chemical properties, are basically divided into three categories: acid method, enzymatic method, and acid-enzyme combination method.

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Maltodextrin is a starch hydrolyzate with a DE value of 5-20 . It is between starch and starch sugar and is a nutritious polysaccharide that is inexpensive, creamy and tasteless. Maltodextrin is generally a mixture of various DE values. It can be a white powder or a concentrated liquid. Good fluidity, no off-flavor, and almost no sweetness. Good solubility and moderate viscosity. Low hygroscopicity, not easy to agglomerate. It has a good carrier function and is an excellent carrier for various sweeteners, flavoring agents, fillers, etc. Has a good emulsification and thickening effect. It has the effect of promoting product forming and well inhibiting product structure. It has good film-forming performance, which can not only prevent product deformation but also improve product appearance. It is easily absorbed by the human body, and is especially suitable for the basic raw materials of food for patients and infants and young children. It has a good stabilizing effect on the foam of food and beverages. It has the effect of inhibiting the precipitation of crystals on crystalline sugar, and has significant "anti-sand" and "anti-break" effects and functions. It has the characteristics of low sweetness, no peculiar smell, easy digestion, low heat, good solubility , low fermentation, good filling effect, not easy to absorb moisture, strong thickening, good carrier, good stability and difficult to deteriorate. Maltodextrin contains a lot of polysaccharides , and also contains calcium, iron and other trace elements and minerals that are beneficial to the human body , and can promote the normal metabolism of the human body .

folding acid method

The acid method uses inorganic acid as a catalyst to hydrolyze starch, firstly generating intermediate products such as dextrin, maltose and other oligosaccharides - oligosaccharides, and finally generating monosaccharides such as glucose. There are pressurized tank method for batch operation and pipeline method for continuous operation.



The enzymatic method uses amylase to hydrolyze starch. Starch is first liquefied by liquefaction enzyme to generate intermediate products such as dextrin, and then saccharified by saccharification enzyme to generate maltose and glucose. In this way, it is called the whole enzymatic method because it is completely hydrolyzed with enzymes. Using liquefaction enzyme and saccharification enzyme, also known as double enzyme method.


folded acid enzyme conjugate method

The acid enzyme combination method adopts acid liquefaction, enzymatic saccharification, and mutual combination. The product obtained from starch saccharification is starch confectionery. Usually the degree of hydrolysis or saccharification, measured by glucose equivalent (DE value for short) is the characteristic index of starch confectionery. Starch sugar products include syrup, syrup powder, crystalline sugar, etc. In addition to high-purity crystalline sugar products, most of them are mixed sugar products based on glucose, maltose or fructose. It can be directly used as a sweetener, or used as an ingredient in the food industry, as a glycogen base material for industrial fermentation in the pharmaceutical industry.




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Liquefaction and saccharification experimental device
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